Please accept this letter as a highly favorable recommendation of Business Consultants of South Florida (BCoSF). I have owned and operated my own business with much success for the past 18 years. Although I was trained as an architect and not a business person, I was able to navigate through the challenges of business management and operated a boutique design firm that I am proud of.  Read More
Francisco Perez-Azua, FPA Enterprises
We were referred to Business Consultants of South Florida by Keith Everett Brooks, a client of ours. We began working with BCOSF shortly after meeting founders Allison and Kimberly, and they had us answering questions that we had never thought to ask. Allison helped us get our financial goals in order, and worked with us on a business plan to get us there. Read More
Morgan & Dindy Murphy, Modsnap Design
I am K. Everett Brooks of Entranced Soul-lutions ( I have had the wonderful opportunity of utilizing the services of BCoSF. I came needing a lot of help and not knowing what I didn’t know. I am the Success Coach and a first time entrepreneur. I was totally lost and frustrated. When I contracted with BCoSF I was immediately embraced, supported and uplifted. Read More
K. Everett Brooks, Entranced Soul-lutions
I did a lot of research to find the right professional to design my website. I could not have been more satisfied with my decision to hire Ms. Turner to get the job done. She was creative, worked quickly, and has provided easy to understand training to assist me in using my site. I highly recommend Ms.Turner to business owners looking to build an attractive, functional, and professional website!
Kristin Woodling, Pamper Your Mind
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you. It isn’t every day that I find a web developer / designer that is as easy to work with as you. I find it very easy to communicate my ideas to you so that you can bring my visions to life! Probably the greatest quality that I have enjoyed is that you do exactly what you say you are going to do in the time that you say it will be done! Read More
Tracy Stroderd, Synergistic Marketing
We cannot say enough great things about the website that Allison built for us. She was flexible, responsive, informative and patient with us as we worked through the nuisances and specifics of exactly what we were looking for. She was so helpful when it came time to turnover the website to us, teaching us the ins and outs of how to manage it ourselves. The website she built has been a tremendous help in us growing our brand and our business.
Jeremiah Flores & Lindsey Gasparini, The Wine Wave
As a consultant whose expertise is in advising others on matters that improve their prospects for growth, I was pleased to have selected Allison Turner and BCoSF to advise me on my own marketing strategy and and branding. Read More
 In 2013 I hired the team at BCOSF to help me launch my first big event SIZZLE 2014. It was a dream come true so I had to hire the best to make it a success. Read More
Suzanne Kovi, Ignite Your Life
Thank you so much, Business Consultants of South Florida, for your generosity in providing the recent business seminar. The expertise of you and your panel was truly impressive, as was the quality of the whole group you assembled. Delray Wellness Village really benefited from the info that was presented, and from the valuable contacts we made. Kudos to Kimberly, Allison and the rest of the team!
Susan Joyce Proctor, Delray Wellness Village
BCoSF Business Consultants of South Florida is a dynamite organization! What a quality group of business people they have assembled on their staff. We Just attended a half-day seminar focused on business development and received much needed counsel. The depth of business experience assembled to share their knowledge was priceless. Read More
Scott Cooksey, Bug Thugs
Thank you Business Consultants of South Florida! You truly stand by your words: “Your Success is our Business”. From your initial post on Facebook advertising 4 Weeks to Success, I did not so much as blink let alone hesitate – I wanted in!! I quickly e-mailed Kimberly to let her know I wanted to be a part of this group knowing full well that ANY class taught by Kimberly West was going to be chock full of priceless information and the BONUS was she was going to be joined by her business partners Allison Turner and Rosa Torres, SCORE!! Read More
Catherine Mussman, Melo Yoga
Thank you so much BCoSF. I learned so much from your panel of experts… As a brand new Business owner, I had many questions and concerns on how to REALLY GET STARTED. I acknowledge all of you for your honesty and open sharing regarding common mistakes ( and easy prevention measures) that you actually experienced yourselves, some costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keeping it simple and always staying in Integrity were the two biggest things I will take from the seminar. Thank you again Sandi for inviting me to be a part of this seminar.
Caron Barr, Healing Housecalls Caron Barr, Inc
Attending the BCoSF FREE seminar was wonderful. The speakers were very informative and able to shed light on matters in all areas. Time was honored and everyone was made to feel more comfortable. I will defiantly be attending another seminar because I realize how important it is to know and understand the business model and we always have new things to learn.
Michelle Reynolds, The Simplifier
The BCoSF was a great event that I would encourage all business owners to attend. Regardless if you have one employee or a thousand, you are sure to learn something extremely valuable from this seminar. Having a panel of hand picked professionals for 4 hours discussing marketing and sales strategies that you can ask personalized questions about your business to is just awesome! I can’t wait for the next seminar so I can learn more.
This event was awesomely amazing. I learned a lot. The team was prepared and wanted to help everyone to achieve success. The next day I had a very clear vision of how I want to create my charity and even came up with a name. I was very happy with that.
Thamar Manuel
Your workshop was high energy, terrific and I’m really impressed with you and your consulting partners 21st century expertise. I took a ton of notes and now working many of those tips into our new strategy.
Eileen Tanne, Delray Wellness Village
Allison, is not only a warm, kind and friendly person, when it comes to websites, she really knows what she is doing. Allison designed my website and put in the logo, photo etc. on the header and made it look really professional. I would highly recommend Allison to design your website, also she will teach you how to go into the back end. Read More