Owner and CEO

Allison Turner
Allison TurnerOwner and CEO
Owner and CEO of BCoSF, Inc., Allison Turner is a skilled professional who has accrued more than 25 years of experience in management, customer service, marketing, and communications. She is passionate about setting and reaching goals, a passion that she developed during her time as a Division I college athlete, competing as a part of the Northwestern University tennis team. Previously, she oversaw a program of 200 junior tennis players and a staff of 10-12 tennis professionals in her role as the Director of Junior Tennis, moving on in 2011 in order to serve even larger numbers of people.
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Our Valuable Team Members

Sandi King
Sandi KingConsultant
Sandi King is the proud mother of three remarkable young adults and has lived in South Florida her entire life; she absolutely loves the diversity! Sandi is a natural born leader. She has consistently risen to leadership positions throughout her life.
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Paul Tiberian
Paul TiberianConsultant
Paul has more than 40 years experience in sales, sales management and marketing. He began his career selling office machines business to business and over the course of his career gained experience selling other products and services.
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