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Delray Beach Forum: September 24, 2014

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Allison Turner in the Press

People on the Move September 19, 2014

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6 essential marketing and advertising trends

June 2016

Our world is rapidly changing and if you own your business or make decisions in the marketing or advertising budget of a company, you need to be aware of these changes. The following seven items are just a few of the changes to expect this year. Read More

4 Tips for Creating Success in 2016!

January 2016

As we enter a new year, many business owners simply continue to go with the flow instead of taking a moment to pause, review 2015, and set strategies to move their business forward in the New Year. Naming your failures as well as your successes is imperative for you and your business to grow. Let’s talk about potential strategies to take your business to the next level. Read More

Seven Challenges of a Start-Up

December 2015

My company is working with more and more start-ups. Our world is changing. People are no longer satisfied with working a 9-5 job for another business. Many want to build a company they are passionate about that incorporates what they love. Starting a company is exciting and comes with new opportunities! But before opening your doors, consider the challenges and be prepared! Read More

Marketing through your Website

November 2015

Most businesses these days have some type of website but not all websites are created equal. Just having a website is not enough. Most business owners know why they need a website but aren’t always willing to put the time, money and effort into getting what will give them results. A website is a marketing tool for your company so maximizing it is important. Read More

Networking: Dating for Business

October 2015

Networking is nothing more than dating for business or relationship building! You never know if the person you initially meet could be a customer or know someone who is the perfect fit. I still run into people who have networking all wrong. They want instant business. Have you ever been to a networking event, where a person goes around the room and hands everyone a business card without even saying hello? Read More

Small biz clients grow at Business Consultants of South Florida

October 2015

Business Consultants of South Florida (BCoSF), a South Florida-based Business, Marketing, Branding, and Sales Consulting plus Website Design Company is currently working with many small business clients to take their company to the next level. Owned by Allison Turner, BCoSF works with companies to strategically grow, expand and increase revenue through proven business, marketing and sales strategies. Read More

Failure is Part of Success

September 2015

Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success. As an entrepreneur, you are going to make mistakes, a lot of mistakes. It is not if but when you are going to make them. So often business owners are afraid of failure that they simply don’t take the risk and play full out. Below are 5 Tips to ensure your success after failure. Read More

Focus on business in unfocused world

August 2015

Our world today is full of distractions. People are constantly multitasking even to the point of checking their social media or email while having a conversation with someone across the table at a restaurant. We have lost that personal touch and focus. Most of us have been susceptible to this. How do you slow down, appreciate the moment, still have those personal relationships with people, and stay focused on running your business? Read More

Create a Clear and Consistent Message

July 2015

Your marketing message whether on your website, in a brochure or on your social media is just as important as your company brand. Many people associate brand recognition with your logo or some other image that is actively identifiable when associated with your company. But part of brand recognition is your marketing message. Is your message clear? Read More

Success Factors in Starting a Business?

June 2015

I often work with entrepreneurs and startups and while most have great ideas for a business not all have a clue on what it really takes to own and run a business. Often, I am struck by how naïve a prospective business owner is on all it takes to open a new company. Many want to do it with no budget therefore are doing it all themselves. Read More

The Business Owner Mindset: 5 Tips to Ensure Success in your Business

April 2015

Each of us defines success in our own unique way and only you can define what success means for you! As a business owner or more importantly someone who starts a business for the very first time, you must have a business owner mindset where you are determined to do whatever it takes to see your business succeed. In the first couple years of a business, the attitude of the owner(s) has more to do with the success than anything else. Read More

Strategic Plan Necessary to Grow Your Business?

March 2015

Have you read the statistics on new business? Generally most sources agree that approximately 50% of new businesses fail within the first year! After that, the sources slightly differ anywhere from 80% failing in the first 18 months to 80% failing within five years. Anyway you look at it, the numbers are daunting especially if you are an entrepreneur or want to start a new business. To be a successful business owner, you must continue to view the big picture of your business. Read More

The Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce installs new Ambassadors Leadership team

February 2015

The Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce recently installed the new leadership team of its Ambassadors Program. Noreen Payne, Director of Recruiting for The Ruhl Financial Group of Northwestern Mutual, will become the 2015 Chair; Allison Turner, CEO and Owner of Business Consultants of South Florida, will be the 2016 Chair; and Rich Pollack, Owner of Pollack Communications, will be the 2017 Chair. According to Ms. Turner, “The Chamber Ambassadors volunteer their time to provide a crucial link between the Chamber, its members and the city at large. Ambassadors are in the center of the business activity of the community. We enjoy rewards of making new contacts and strengthening business relationships.” The Ambassador Program consists of volunteers from the Delray Beach Chamber membership who donate their time to assist the Chamber in various activities. The Ambassadors assist in the promotion, volunteer support and development of various Chamber sponsored events. Read More

Marketing for 2015: 6 Tips to Create Success

February 2015

As a business owner, are you a take-charge leader or someone who reacts to circumstances? You must understand where your business is currently and how you are going to achieve the next level of success. It is still early in 2015 and some businesses are already behind on planning their marketing calendar. A marketing calendar helps a business plan its marketing themes for the upcoming months. Why is this essential? So you know exactly how you intend to generate new business for your company. Planning allows the business to budget and create the graphic elements and copy (if needed) for any ads and articles in advance. If you do not yet have your marketing calendar planned for at least the first and second quarter of 2015, consider the following: Read More

Planning for 2015: 5 Tips to Grow Your Business

January 2015

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are so busy working in their business that they don’t work on their business. They are not looking to see how they can strategically grow their company or plan to meet the goals they have set for 2015. Many businesses haven’t even set goals for 2015. Below are 5 Tips for growing your company in 2015. 1. Review Your Successes and Failures for 2014: This is easily done if you have a strategic plan in place because you would have already been reviewing your successes and failures every quarter. If you do not have a business and marketing plan in place then it is best to review your financials because the numbers never lie. Read More

5 Tips to Build your Business with Grassroots Marketing

December 2014

Many businesses want to build their customer base from one to 1,000 or even 100,000 overnight. Is that realistic? It may be for some businesses but definitely not for most businesses. Business owners get frustrated when they can’t build their business as fast as they would like but it takes time and consistency of effort and often it is best to focus on small groups. Read More

Overthinking Your Business: 5 Tips to Keep your Business Running Smoothly and Successfully

November 2014

I recently ran across an image on Facebook that stated, “Overthinking: The art of creating problems that weren’t even there.” Have you ever been in this position in your business or even in life? I certainly have. Let me define “overthinking” as the state of being paralyzed and creating problems that don’t even exist. Read More

Expect the Unexpected: 5 Tips to Be Prepared as a Small Business Owner

October 2014

How do you plan for the unknown? As a small business owner, you don’t have the large staff like a major corporation to continually pay attention to the trends that are happening. That more than likely falls to you as the small business owner. Even with a strategic plan, you must be prepared for that “wrench” to get thrown into the mix because sometimes the “unexpected” happens. Look what happened when the economy tanked a few years ago. While many predicted the coming of the recession, the fact remains that during 2008-2009 alone, nearly 168,000 businesses closed their doors and 6.4 million employees were let go in the U.S.1 Was this avoidable? Maybe for some businesses. Read More

5 Tips to Keep your Small Business on the Right Path

September 2, 2014

Are you cut out to be a small business owner or entrepreneur? Many are not yet have been forced to do so in the last few years due to the economy. As companies downsized and let employees go in the midst of the recession, people have had to recreate themselves in order to survive. Others are choosing to leave a well paying job in order to build a business based on a passion or hobby. Regardless of why you became a small business owner, below are 5 Tips to keep your business on the right path. Read More

Marketing but No One is Buying?

August 1, 2014

Have you ever heard someone say, “I have a great product or service but I can’t understand why no one is buying”? First, you ask them who their ideal client is and they say “everyone.” Uh Oh. Then you ask them how they are marketing, and they reply that they have a website. When you ask them how they get traffic to their website or how many hits they get on their website a month, they have no idea. Yikes! Read More

Is Social Media a Necessary Marketing Avenue?

July 2, 2014

Can you reach your ideal client on social media? Absolutely! Will you always get business from it? Not necessarily. Social media is one of the fastest growing markets with Facebook alone having over 1.4 billion users.

It is reported that 72% of all Internet users are on some type of social media platform. You have to understand exactly who your target market is and what social media platforms they may be on before spending the time. NO, you do not need to be on all platforms. That is overkill and a waste of time. Read More

What is Your Company’s Brand?

May 29, 2014

Your company’s brand is built to attract your ideal customer. Some business owners make the mistake of building a company brand based on what they like, instead of what attracts the target market. When looking at your ideal customer, you must consider the demographics, psychographics and behaviors of the market. Read More

What is Your Vision for Your Company’s Success?

May 1, 2014

Many business owners confuse a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement. A Vision Statement is “a clear articulation of what you would like your enterprise to be if you succeed.” (Kaplan, Robert Steven. 2011). A Mission Statement, on the other hand, is more about the aims and values of the company. Read More