Most business owners want to know how to reach their target market in the most efficient, lowest cost manner. So often they take a guess on which way works best.

There is not just one strategy that stands alone to help you to maximize your exposure. Your job is to determine the best use of your time and money to create the “Top of Mind Awareness” (T.O.M.A.) that is needed for your company. 

Below are just a few suggestions, to help make your job a little easier.

Chamber of Commerce

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to build your brand recognition in your own community. However, you must fully engage, not just join the membership. That is just the first step. Now determine the best events to attend, the best way to target your prospects and most important build those long term relationships with those you would consider a perfect strategic alliance. People will do business with who they know, like and trust.

Social Media

Many business owners know they MUST use social media in today’s market to survive.The bigger question is… what social media is the best fit for your market. Depending on your industry you must choose which platforms are best for you and create a social media strategy around those platforms. Included in this are the optimal times of the day to post on the different platforms, how to build those relationships, gain better engagement and turn those relationships into business. Social Media is no longer a platform just to get known; it is a platform to gain more business.


We see companies sponsor events, but may be disappointed when they receive zero return on their investment. Be clear on what your expectations are by spending your marketing budget. What type of exposure is your company going to get? Are you getting in front of your target market? What is the end result that you want? These are one of the many marketing expense questions you must ask. Looking at it another way, you could grow too quickly and not be able to handle the business that it may produce.


Having a website for your business is a must but it doesn’t stop there. Step 1-Before creating your website, be clear on your brand, who your target market is, the message you want to convey and the overall image and impression you want to give. Step 2- Determine what platform to build the site on, who is going to build it, what your call to action (CTA)  and how are you are going to use your website to convert clients. Step 3- Now you have the website. How are you going to drive traffic to it? Are you going to organically build your SEO, are you going to use PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising? Step 4-Hire a team who specializes in this area, and continue to work on your business…not in it!

Over the next few weeks, we will be going into each one of these areas more in depth because if you are a small business owner, this list can be overwhelming. You must plan your strategy, block out your schedule and create the vision for your long-term goals. It can be a slow process but when strategically grown, a company will have a firm platform to stand on for years of success.