Do you own or are a partner in a business in Delray Beach or South Florida with a specific issue or challenge that warrants some outside perspective? Consider a Business or Marketing Consultation with intense focus that is only about you, your business and your specific challenge.

What is consulting? Consulting helps you manage, strategize and plan the success of your business. We meet your business where it is at and work with you to create a strategic road map for you to follow. We incorporate visuals, concrete business analyses, and much more depending on your needs.

With our initial consultation, we ask you to complete a pre-session questionnaire to insure that the issue is clear. We do not waste time getting to the “heart of the matter.” We want our time to be best spent in working with you to find the solution.

Will help you transform your current marketing efforts into a compelling strategy that attracts the type of customers you want and projects you do best. You’ll implement a marketing plan that brings in a consistent flow of business so you’ll avoid the “feast or famine” cycle that so many businesses get stuck in. You’ll attract more business and have to do less “selling”.
Will help you sharpen your selling skills, overcome resistance to sales and organize your effort so that prospects don’t slip through your fingers. You’ll develop a pipeline, understand how to qualify prospects, create a system for following through on leads and referrals, learn how and when to follow-up, create strategies for breaking into new companies and how to get past gatekeepers. As a result you’ll close deals more easily and effectively.
Will help you learn how to master time management for maximum efficiency and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. You’ll learn how to schedule time to get things done, cut down on interruptions, deal with communication overload, and set clear boundaries with co-workers and customers. You’ll discover how to stop procrastinating and eliminate habits and patterns that are keeping you from being most effective. You’ll develop goals and priorities, and a regular schedule which will help you stay on top of everything. As a result, you’ll manage your time and get things done.
You’ll view your business from a “big picture” perspective. It’s hard to focus on what’s “really” going on when you’re in the middle of it. Once you learn how to get that fresh perspective, you’ll find that you’re able to make the decisions easily and be able to concentrate on what’s most important.
Will help you to create a business vision and strategic plan to help you realize that vision. Every company needs a plan and a road-map to help them get there. Once this is developed, it will be easier and faster to make your goals a reality.
Will help you have more downtime, take regular vacations and learn how to leave work at the office. You don’t have to work all the time to be successful. Much more is accomplished when you can let go and make time and space to renew and refresh.

Depending on your business’ specific needs, our consulting combines:

  • Problem solving, both strategic and tactical
  • Review of the company structure and processes
  • Review your marketing strategy and make recommendations
  • Review your sales strategy and make recommendations
  • Analyze the company brand to determine if it matches the target market
  • Leadership skills that will let you meet challenges with your customers, employees and vendors