Time is Ticking: How is Your Business Doing in 2016?

Can you believe that we are almost in May? One-third of 2016 has flown by and now is a great time to assess your business and where you are in relationship to your goals for 2016. Key areas you need to review include revenues, expenses, marketing and advertising budget, ROI in marketing and advertising, client [...]

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Grow Your Company: Build Your Lead Generation Strategy

How does a business survive? A business survives by gaining new business as well as retaining existing business where appropriate. That’s why the previous two blogs, What is Your Vision for 2015 and Creating a Strong Foundation in Your Business are so important. Each of these steps builds to then help your business create a [...]

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Making Your Mark: Creating a Strong Foundation in your Business!

While there are some business owners who envision an idea, take it and go, even these CEOs will at some point need to strategically plan to move to the next level. Most business owners need to strategically plan to grow and thrive in their business. While the following points may seem simple and elementary, they are [...]

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Best Way to Get your Name Out to Your Target Market

  Most business owners want to know how to reach their target market in the most efficient, lowest cost manner. So often they take a guess on which way works best. There is not just one strategy that stands alone to help you to maximize your exposure. Your job is to determine the best use of your time [...]

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