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Thank you Business Consultants of South Florida! Catherine Mussman You truly stand by your words: “Your Success is our Business”. From your initial post on Facebook advertising 4 Weeks to Success, I did not so much as blink let alone hesitate – I wanted in!! I quickly e-mailed Kimberly to let her know I wanted to be a part of this group knowing full well that ANY class taught by Kimberly West was going to be chock full of priceless information and the BONUS was she was going to be joined by her business partners Allison Turner and Rosa Torres, SCORE!! I just landed a seat with the Dream Team!

4 Weeks to Success exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds…Our group was designed so that like business owners were brought together thus making it quite easy for each of us to understand and share with each other as well as our coaches. What I found most interesting was our coaches understood our businesses prior to any of us discussing and or sharing – they did their homework. I personally found that to be very relaxing and inviting. Now I must say this class was not for the weak of heart and or lazy. Kimberly, Allison and Rosa did not hold back when it came to making us dig down deep and understand the who, what, where, when and whys of our businesses which led to some very interesting discussions as well as homework – sometimes leading me to scratch my head after our call/meeting was over. No worries we were encouraged to share in our private group via Facebook as well as reach out to any of the coaches with any thing we wanted to share including questions, comments and concerns regarding our meeting and or anything else that concerned us regarding our businesses. I was skeptical because I had paid only for class time – or so I thought. I reached out personally more than once to the coaches of Business Consultants of South Florida and without hesitation an email soon followed.

As my business continues to grow I still refer to my class notes from 4 Weeks to Success as well as our private Facebook page. The bonus of working with South Florida Business Consultants is that even well after our class had ended Kimberly, Allison, and Rosa continue to reach out and share their thoughts and ideas as well as encouraging (you see, they encourage NOT discourage) me to take the next step and continue to move forward. Truly my success is their business.

Thank you Business Consultants of South Florida. I cannot wait for the next class.

When the teacher is ready the student will come.

My best,

Cathy Mussman, RYT 200